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The Right Way to Roll Up Your Shirt Sleeves to Look Good, Stay In PlaceClothing

The Right Way to Roll Up Your Shirt Sleeves to Look Good, Stay In Place

Despite wearing shirts for as long as I can remember, there is one aspect I've never been good at: rolling up the shirt's sleeves in a way it they looks spiffy and they don't roll back down. If you're in the same boat as I am, you'll wish you saw redditor spizzak's little tip a lot earlier.

He claims this is the way to roll up your sleeves perfectly each time. Your sleeves will sit just above your elbow, look nice and won't unroll.

This trick will also ensure your rolled up sleeves are the same length and don't look mismatched.

Step 1) Unbutton your cuffs.

Step 2) Fold the shirt back 2x the length of the cuff.

Step 3) Fold the cuff back down.

Step 4) Fold all three layers up once.

Step 5) Look awesome!

How To Roll Up Your Sleeves Perfectly | via Reddit

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