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Old Sweatshirts Into Backpacks for Personalized Fashion Accessories

Turn Old Sweatshirts Into Backpacks for Personalized Fashion Accessories

College students looking to make a fashion statement often change their wardrobe accessories, but rarely their backpack. Let's face it, why would you buy expensive bags when you could spend the same on shirts and skirts? This simple hack from WikiHow will not only make it possible for you to change your backpack often for little to no cost, but also let you personalize it as a fashion accessory.

What You'll Need:

-A sweatshirt -- Grab one of your old sweatshirts, or ask your friends for their old throwaways that they don't use much any more.

-A sewing machine or a cheap tailor. The only real expense in this hack is going to be this part, so the cheaper your tailor, the better.

-Velcro straps or buttons.

-A couple of pins.

What To Do:

Step 1: Stitch up the bottom opening of the sweatshirt and make sure it's closed off well. This is going to be the base for your backpack.

Step 2: Put the sweatshirt's back on your back and bring the arms over your shoulder and tuck them back in, between your hands. These are the backpack straps, so figure out how you want the backpack to hang and bring the arms to the sweatshirt accordingly. Use the pins to stick them in and test the backpack. Adjust the pins till you get it right.

Step 3: Sew the arm into the sweatshirt where you marked the pin. Be careful not to sew it through to the front of the shirt!

Step 4: Stretch out the neck so that your books, tablet, lunchbox, purse and anything else you carry can fit in.

Step 5: Add velcro or buttons to the neck so that it can be closed when needed. If your sweatshirt has a hoodie, use it as a flap -- just add a button to it and to the shirt.

Step 6: Wear it and be fashionable!

This hack could let you create your own line of personalized fashion accessories, with 'backpacks' in a range of colours that match your outfit, or a different one for every day of the week.

Bonus Tip: Not that we have tried this, but if you have a spare windcheater around, that could be turned into a very cool waterproof-backpack too! Just make sure you seal the front zipper well, otherwise your backpack will open up when you least want it to.

Make a Backpack out of a Sweatshirt | WikiHow

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