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Use Your Preferred Medium To Make It Easy To Say No

Use Your Preferred Medium To Make It Easy To Say No

It isn't always easy to be assertive and say no, but you often come across situations where you have to do it, whether it's an invitation to decline or standing up to your boss when you have too much on your place. Take the fight to your turf to make it easier on yourself.

Celes at the Personal Excellence blog suggests using the medium you are most comfortable with to communicate the message - face-to-face, instant messaging, email, SMS, phone call or any other:

"I don't think there's a one best medium because I've used different mediums before and it depends on the context and your relationship with the person. Email is great because you can write out the message, then send and not have to worry about it, until you get the reply. Face-to-face has a personal touch to it - you can get the person's reaction instantly, address any questions and close the issue on the spot. Instant messaging lets you see answers in real time while giving you the chance to craft your messages before sending them out."

It's a hack that works, as I recently found out when trying to decline a prestigious assignment, without ruffling feathers or burning bridges. After two phone calls where I couldn't put my message across clearly, I chose to communicate over email, which is my preferred medium. And soon, the matter was solved amicably.

How To Say No To Others | Personal Excellence

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