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What You Should Eat When You Have to SnackHealth

What You Should Eat When You Have to Snack

Adam Dachis , Gawker Media

What You Should Eat When You Have to Snack

Most of the time three well-balanced meals should take you through the day no problem, but sometimes we get the urge to snack. If you want to make that snack a healthy one, there are a few foods you ought to focus on.

Las Vegas-based nutritionist Andy Bellatti explains:

The key to feeling satisfied is to have snacks that offer fat, protein, and fiber. This is where nuts and seeds fit perfectly (they offer all three). Meanwhile, pretzels and rice cakes fail on all three counts; it's why they don't ever provide a feeling of fullness.

Oatmeal is another quick and easy snack. Top it with some dried fruit or nuts (or, even better - stir in some nut or seed butter) to make it more filling.

Guacamole and hummus are easy-to-find (and easy-to-make) dips that can be paired up with your favorite raw vegetable or whole-grain crackers.

You can keep nuts and seeds at your desk and whip up oatmeal when you've got a little more time. If you prepare in advance you can keep packing in too many added calories during the day with tasty options that are a little more healthy.

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