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Why It’s Perfectly Okay To Not Get Married

Why It’s Perfectly Okay To Not Get Married

You can have a happy married life only if you can find peace and joy with someone within the four walls of a room, and feel the warmth with your partner that you couldn't find anywhere.

Now if you remove the word "married" from the first line, do you think the meaning of the entire paragraph has changed? No, it hasn't. Marriage is neither a synonym of love nor it is prerequisite to be happy in life. However, the Indian society which is patriarchal in nature has set norms that tell you to get married at certain age.

But the time has changed so has mindset of new generation. In current scenario, your career, your dreams and your passion are more important than anything else in life. So, if someone tells you that he or she doesn't want to get married, you shouldn't be surprised as there are reasons behind such a bold decision, and some are discussed below: ( Also read: A House Husband In India: Pride Or Shame ?)

1. Your priorities are different in life : Marriage is not in your mind and you want to enjoy life being single and free which is perfectly fine. You want to focus on your career and live your dreams fully. You want to take your career to the next level.

2. Marriage doesn't guarantee a secure relationship : Many people think, especially parents that marriage guarantees a secure life-long relationship , but it isn't true in modern times when there has been rise in divorce cases. Marriage can't guarantee loyalty of your partner.

3. You want to be single and free from all kind of responsibilities : You don't want to get married because you are neither ready to take anyone's responsibility nor want to compromise on your wishes which is perfectly fine. You are complete being single and don't want a companion to complete you. ( Also read: Top 10 Essential Tips For Dating)

4. It is not your goal to get married and settle : It is not your goal in life to get married, have children and take care of a family. The society has made marriage an important part of one's life , but you think differently. You are not okay with social norms and want to challenge them.

5. You don't believe in the institution of marriage : You don't feel the need to put a label to your relationship as per social norms . If you are committed to someone, there is variety of ways to show that. It can happen even without being bound by a relationship.

6. You haven't found a person whom you can trust : There is no timeframe to fall in love, get married and have kids. However, the society has a different opinion over it. But it perfectly fine not to get married with someone you don't love under any circumstances.

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