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Why You Should Not Rely on a Travel Guide Book

Why You Should Not Rely on a Travel Guide Book

Do you remember when was the last time you consulted a travel guide book by a renowned publishing company to plan your trip to the mountains? Even if you remember, it shouldn't be no less than 5 years since then. Yes we live in a world where app solves all your travel worries.
So why did you choose to part ways with your once favourite paperback? Here are 4 reasons to it.

It's not up to date
The tourism industry is changing. Destinations are being discovered almost everyday. The beaches and valleys you have never heard of even three years back are one of the much sought after destinations these days.

Web is convenient
Searching for destinations, accommodation, budget and conveyance are so easy that travel guides can never match. Just for example, if you need to plan your honeymoon trip to Hawaii next year, you can't depend of book. Because online, they don't only give you the brief, but help you with back links to hotel booking sites, which make things so much convenient.

You can't rely for years
Tourism is a fast paced industry. There are so many resorts and hotels coming up almost every quarter. So the hotels mentioned in guide book aren't all. Moreover, if you don't buy the guide book's every edition, you wont be able to keep up to the pace.

People lack time
Most quickie trips we take these days are a result of one or two day's plan. A friend proposes, we search for opportunity and it's done. Before hitting the road earlier, people would consult few experts on the field regarding the place. Guide books would help them immensely. However, when you search online, you get to know about exact and appropriate things even an hour before your journey.

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