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Why You Should Stop Using Your Phone to Wake Up and Buy a Real Alarm ClockHealth

Why You Should Stop Using Your Phone to Wake Up and Buy a Real Alarm Clock

Mihir Patkar , Gawker Media

As handy as it is to use your phone as your alarm clock, you may want to buy a real alarm clock and keep your phone away from your bed, especially if you can't resist using it before bed You'll be much better rested in the morning.

We've mentioned several times that screen time before bed is a bad idea , and yet we all still do it -partially because our phones and tablets are right there on the bedside table, acting as alarm clocks. Now another recent study , published in PLOS , hammers that point home. The simple solution is to keep your phone away from you at night, and just rely on an old-school alarm clock.

Digital lifestyle blogger Carley K. experimented with this setup. She found four major changes once she moved her phone from her bedside:

  • She fell asleep faster
  • She slept better
  • She had less headaches
  • She talked to her husband more

Yes, you'll have to resist the temptation to check your social networks before falling asleep. But in the long term, isn't a better night's sleep worth it?

I stopped using my phone as an alarm clock: Here's what happened | Carley K

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