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A Killer Arm Workout to Pack Strength and Size in 40 Minutes

Arm workouts are known to increase strength, reduce excess fat, make you fitter and will help you perform your daily activities with ease. With most of us spending numerous hours every day hunched over in front of our TV, computer, smartphones and steering wheels, we face severe risk of tightening of many of the upper body muscles which may lead to decreased movement and potential injury.

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This week Lifehacker India brings you the optimal workout best for arms. The routine consists of 7 different workouts which are focused on your forearms, biceps, and triceps. The workouts include Dumbbell Curls, Easy Curl Bar, Hammer Curl, Reverse Grip Pronated Curl, Triceps Pushdown, Seated Overhead Extension and Skull Crushers. These are designed get done under 40 minutes at your gym or home if you have the required equipment.

About the Author:
This video is created in collaboration with My Bollywood Body, the fastest growing fitness channel on YouTube with over 350, 000 subscribers. The channel, owned by fitness trainer Sunny, features specialized quick workouts that can be done at home with the minimal use of equipment.

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