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A Leader Like MS Dhoni is Hard to Find, Here Is Why

A Leader Like MS Dhoni is Hard to Find, Here Is Why

Everyone was shocked yesterday when India’s most successful cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni bid adieu to One Day Internationals (ODIs) and T20 Internationals formats of the game. Well Dhoni’s self-imposed exit from the limited format has a huge impact as people from across the country soon started reacting on Facebook and Twitter.

And why not, their favorite cricket player has retired both from Test, ODIs and T20s formats. They knew it is hard to replace a cricketer like Dhoni under whose captaincy India has won numerous matches, including World Twenty20 title at South Africa in 2007, World Cup at Mumbai in 2011 against Sri Lanka and ICC Champions Trophy in 2013 in England. (Also read: 7 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Captain Cool MS Dhoni)

Though he is still available as a player and Virat Kohli can surely lean on his predecessor for leadership inputs, but people will surely going to miss his captaincy. He is a truly unique cricketer and no can replace him. Here is why. (Also read: 5 Leadership Skills One Can Learn From Captain Cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni)

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