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Bake the Best Cake Ever with This Simple Hack

Bake the Best Cake Ever with This Simple Hack

Accuracy is the most important aspect of baking. However, that is where most of you fail. One of the common mistakes that most of you make while baking is measuring the all-purpose flour and sugar using a measuring cup.

Instead, this is what you should do, to get best results every time you bake. To get a super soft and delicious cake at home, do not measure the flour. WEIGH it. Use a small weighing machine every time you bake and measure all major ingredients. This will be 100 percent accurate and will bring amazing results.

When you take flour using a cup or spoon, your measurement may vary with how tightly or loosely you have packed the flour in the cup. This is the wrong way to measure flour or powdered sugar. In most cases, adding flour directly with measuring cup will pack the flour tightly into the cup. When it is packed tightly the quantity exceeds the required amount.

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Remember, even if you level your flour, it may not be accurate. Only a weighing machine can be precise. At the University of Minnesota, researchers conducted experiments where they learned that the biggest variable in every recipe is the cook. It said, "Standardizing measuring techniques is the most important way to get best results."

The chemistry among all ingredients is the magic behind good cake. Flour thickens the batter and gives the cake the right consistency. Baking soda and eggs give a rise and fats like butter or oil provide moisture. So the right balance of all is the primary most important hack to get good results.

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