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Be Yourself To Make A Better Impact On The World

Be Yourself To Make A Better Impact On The World

As I write this, a quote in my high school corridor flashes across my eyes: "Do not underestimate yourself. You are a creation of God. When you are not thankful, you are insulting God Himself."

I have wrestled against the question of finding an identity for myself. The rosy "Find your passion "' has thorns attached. It does not answer the question. An INTP (introversion, intuition, thinking, perceiving) that I am, I further look to investigate. Some of the texts and voices which drift in my mind as I retrospect this million dollar question are:

Don't waste your time living someone else's life
This quote of Steve Jobs is perhaps the most concise and razor sharp answer from the man who radiated creativity and uniqueness. In fact, Apple's unique design and approach to personal computing made it stand out from its competitors. The hidden truth: "Believe in your strengths for each one is different."

Try the MBTI (Myers-Briggs) test
This test defines individuality. It talks about how "No personality is good or bad. You are born with a certain personality. You can only strive to overcome the limitations for a more fulfilling life. There is no such thing as a coveted personality."

Understand the difference between sensibility and courage
This is in close conjunction with the fear of failure. More often than not, your courage is defined by the society and not by you. I can be bold enough to tolerate the 'insensible' tag gifted by society but am I ready to face the music (of and by the society) when failure knocks at the door?

Be the agent of change
The fact that I am finding my purpose is a testament that I possess the power to impact change. Do I push through the rungs to reach the top of the ladder or create a new one instead?

Intensity decides who you choose to be
I run through the questions again. How do I solve the contradictions? Intensity is what separates the best from the good. It separates the world's 20th ranked tennis player from the Numero Uno. There is no one road to success . But I know that there is no middle path. The safest paths are not the most fulfilling.

On this note I would paraphrase what Mark Zuckerberg has said in many of his speeches: "You don't go out there to be an entrepreneur. It's not a job that you can apply for. Entrepreneurship begins with a need to help. A deep desire to make an impact on the world for the good. That's how you start a start-up."

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( About the author : This article was contributed by Shubham Gupta, a student at IIT-Delhi)

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