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Daybook Keeps Track of How Often You Work On Your Habitshabits

Daybook Keeps Track of How Often You Work On Your Habits

Eric Ravenscraft , Gawker Media

Web: There are a million ways to track your habits , but Daybook takes a very simple approach. You add the habits you want to build, then click a counter each time you do the activity and that's it. No dates, no stats, nothing fancy.

The web app is about as simple as a goal tracker can get. You enter the name of an activity, pick an emoji logo if you'd like, then click Done. You'll get a simple counter next to each activity. Click the plus sign to add to the counter, minus to reduce it. You can also make your Daybook public if you want to share it to keep yourself accountable.

The beauty of this tool is that it can be used however you want. You can track how many books you've read this year, give yourself points for doing something creative, or even see how many cups of coffee you really have during the day. You could even use it as a score tracker for board games , even if that's not what it's designed for. It's just a simple tool that's really flexible.

Daybook via Beautiful Pixels

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