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Get Rid of Love Handles With a 5-Minute Workout Routine

Getting rid of love handles requires a lot of hard work and discipline. However, a good abs workout provides several long-term health benefits along with removing love handles.

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It will strengthen your cores thus prevents you from having a lower back problem or back injury. Additionally, the routine will tighten your abdominal walls, which is very beneficial for new mothers to get back into shape quickly.

The workout is 5 minutes long, and you have to do six sets altogether. The workout consists of reverse crunches, wiper, leg raises, side plank and curl ups.

About the Author:
This video is created in collaboration with My Bollywood Body , the fastest growing fitness channel on YouTube with over 350, 000 subscribers. The channel, owned by fitness trainer Sunny, features specialized quick workouts that can be done at home with the minimal use of equipment.

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