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Hack Your Way to a Chiselled Chest with This Workout at Home

A chiselled chest like Henry Cavill's in Man of Steel is a dream for many. While a good diet is essential to keep flab away, a great workout is necessary to tone your body. There are two types pf people in the world - the ones who want to work for a fit body and the ones who do work for a fit body.

If you are someone belonging to the second group, we got you covered. Like everything else in the world, there is a hack for having a chiselled chest as well. Lifehacker India brings you a series of quick work-outs you can do under an hour from the comfort of your home.

About the Author:
Canada based personal trainer Sunny provides specialized training routine in a unique and entertaining manner. My Bollywood Body is the fastest growing fitness channel on YouTube with over 350, 000 subscribers.

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