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Six Behaviour Caches You Should Clear If You Want to Be Super SuccessfulPsychology

Six Behaviour Caches You Should Clear If You Want to Be Super Successful

What influences human behaviour? Is it nature or nurture? Well, the debate has been going on for centuries now. Why some of you are outgoing while others are too shy? Why some of you are impulsive and others calm? Certain studies suggest that some people are born with a tendency to be happy, creative and intelligent while few others are born negative thinkers. It is said that heredity or genetics imparts humans a variety of inborn traits.

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However, the good news is it is also commonly agreed that environment can mold you. It is true that it is easier to mold children; however, adults can also change. You might take a lot more time, but it is possible. Even as you grow into adulthood, you can change the way you work and function with little bit of effort. You have the ability to mold your life by molding your behaviour. Here are certain behaviours that you should give up to achieve success .

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