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This Website Offers Free Cancellation on Flights, Gets Uncertain Travellers Out of Tight Spot

This Website Offers Free Cancellation on Flights, Gets Uncertain Travellers Out of Tight Spot

If you enjoy travelling, you are always on a lookout for a good travel deal. Your first instinct is to book the cheapest fare available, irrespective of any assurance of getting leaves from work. Some of the best travel hacks to save money include booking tickets six months or more in advance and opting for non-refundable tickets, which are mostly cheaper. But no matter how airtight your plan be, there is always a small window of uncertainly which can wreck the best of travel plans at the last minute.

Recently, I was at the brunt of one such situation, when I had to cancel my flight to Ahmedabad 2 hours before departure. It burnt a hole in my pocket as a lot of money went into cancellation charges. Every airline has a different cancellation policy, and the amount you would lose on cancellation would vary.

To ease traveller woes, a start-up in India, WTFares , is offering a great jugaad or lifehack by providing a full refund on cancellation of domestic air tickets booked via their site. WTFares charges a premium of 13 percent on all bookings, which starts at as low as Rs 125. The company charges this non-refundable fee as a guarantee of full refund on cancellation.

The refund is credited to the user's account and can be used for future bookings. The portal offers these refunds even in case of flights that are strictly non-refundable.

Speaking about the innovative business model, Varun Sarda, Co-founder and CEO, WTFares says, "What sets us apart from other travel portals is that we are the only player in the Indian market that offers free cancellation for all domestic flights. Even in a case where a customer happens to miss their flight booked through WTFares, they can claim a no-show refund. Moreover, being a part of the hospitality industry, we try and make sure that we offer a great customer experience to every consumer who visits our site, whether it is for booking air tickets or holiday packages".

If your mind is set on a particular destination from your bucket list, it is safest to book a flight that offers you a full refund on cancellation and saves you money as well as the trouble of monitoring multiple online travel aggregators, setting price-drop mail alerts and negotiating with travel agents in the hope of finding a ticket that doesn't pinch your pocket.

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