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Two Simple Habits Hold Power to Reprogram Your Brain to be HappyLife

Two Simple Habits Hold Power to Reprogram Your Brain to be Happy

The pursuit of joy is the purpose of life, yet a significant portion amongst you are unhappy for various reasons. You can have amazing things in life, such as getting the dream job, marrying the perfect partner, or finally hitting a million Twitter followers. Still, you will find new things to complain about and be unhappy as if we are programmed to be unhappy.

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Recent advancements in neuroscience point out that training the brain can change a person's perception on life making them happy. Psychologist Dr. Rick Hanson and Author Shawn Achor provides simple methods that will rewire your brain to be happier.

However, before getting into those techniques, you should realize the reason you are unhappy is that your brain is more inclined towards recalling negative experiences than positive ones.

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