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Use "Dutch Reach" When Opening The Car Door To Prevent Accidents

Use "Dutch Reach" When Opening The Car Door To Prevent Accidents

We always try to be careful, to prevent road accidents from happening. We drive carefully, we follow traffic rules, trying to make sure neither our or someone else's life is put in harm's way. However, there is one part where we are often careless- opening the car's door in the middle of traffic. Opening car doors carelessly on a busy street or road can potentially put the safety of pedestrians, cyclist, bikers and other riders at risk.

However, the Dutch, with all the bicycle traffic in their roads, have a special way of opening car doors from inside. Termed the 'Dutch Reach', this will force you to look behind the car before opening the door. Thus making it less likely your door will hit a bicycle or another car, suggests Redditor epoch_100 .

Michael Charney, a Dutch doctor, explains the 'Dutch Reach' in details : "The Dutch Reach is a practice where instead of using your near hand — usually the driver's left hand — to open your car door, you use your far hand. Your right hand," he says. "In doing that, you automatically swivel your body. And you position your head and shoulders so you are looking directly out. First, past the rear-view mirror. And then, you are very easily able to look back and see if there are oncoming bicycles or cars or whatever."

The 'Dutch Reach' is easy and all it requires is behavior change, on the other hand it could prevent serious accidents.

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