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Use Whiteboard as a Study Tool to Learn Faster

Use Whiteboard as a Study Tool to Learn Faster

While a classroom can never be totally replaced, the trend of self-study is picking up fast as well. According to a recent research, self-study, in addition to being more affordable and convenient, is surpassing classroom learning in terms of effectiveness.

There are various self-study strategies you can follow at home to score better. One such easy and doable tip for every student is using whiteboards. Yes you read it right. Something as simple as using a whiteboard as a study tool can be very effective. Since most of you still prefer textbooks over online learning, using a whiteboard can be an excellent study tool and an easy learning style to adapt. So, get an erasable marker and draw the words you are studying. You can also make graphs to understand the concept better.

For example, if you are trying to learn a difficult maths concept, try to draw figures. If you cannot remember some important terms from biology or names from history, write just those terms on the whiteboard. You can even use different coloured markers. This will help you retain what you saw better. Also, certain things you can leave on the board for a day and look at it before going to sleep. It is said that the last thing you learn before going to bed has better retention than rest of the information you acquire over the day.

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With so many innovations in technology, self-study is something that has become feasible and enjoyable. Students are no longer confined to classrooms. Students of all ages find exploring a subject matter of interest or learning a new skill on their own time, and at a low cost, to be highly rewarding.

Of course interaction is essential, but success comes when you understand that you have to anyway achieve your target alone, so why not make it easy. This study hack is quite useful for everyone, especially for those who think in pictures.

Using such strategies will help you learn quicker. Self-studying is an excellent way to showcase your curiosity when applying to colleges be it graduation or post-graduation courses. Most of the colleges anyway encourage self-study by assigning projects. This will help you develop intellectual independence and explore subject matter you personally find interesting.

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