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Wear Red To Feel And Look More Attractive, Says Science

Wear Red To Feel And Look More Attractive, Says Science

Confused about what to wear on your date? Then follow the advice of dozens of academic researchers and go with red. It has been pointed out that wearing red makes you look more attractive and sexy. However, a new study adds to this by pointing out that wearing red not only makes you look attractive but also makes you feel attractive giving you added self-confidence.

If you are not convinced yet, then let me explain the science behind it. The whole phenomenon is actually called the 'red dress effect'. "The pull of red is nothing new. Women have donned pinkish blush and bright lipstick for nearly 12,000 years", says Daniel Strain writing for Science Mag . Adam Pazda, a psychologist at the University of Rochester points that this 'red dress effect' likely stems from biology. In h is paper published in Journal of Experimental Social Psychology , says that "In many non-human primate species, female red displays are a signal of sexual receptivity and this signal attracts male conspecifics". And the same could be true for humans, Pazda says.

A paper published recently by Anne Berthold, Gerhard Reese, and Judith Martin in the European Journal of Social Psychology , studied the effects of red color on individuals' perception of self-attractiveness, rather than the attractiveness of other. They state that " based on the color-in-context theory, individuals would perceive themselves as more attractive under red chromatic conditions". In three experiments the held, participants were asked to wear a red or a blue shirt and rated their own attractiveness. As expected, participants in the red shirt condition indicated a higher level of self-attractiveness than participants in the blue condition. Moreover, the results showed that the self-perception red effect was mediated by the individuals' self-perceived sexual receptivity and self-perceived status, concluded the study.

So, next time when you find someone attractive, see if you are falling for the 'red dress effect'.

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