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Your Immersion Circulator Is Also an Excellent Wine Chilleralcohol

Your Immersion Circulator Is Also an Excellent Wine Chiller

Claire Lower , Gawker Media
Photo by Claire Lower

The other day I was picking out a bottle of slightly-overpriced bubbly to take to a friend, when I realized the bottle I had settled on didn't come pre-chilled. Luckily, the store had a wine chiller-a swirling water bath that cooled my Champagne down to serving temp in mere minutes. "I wish I had one of these at home," I thought, not realizing that I already did.

If you have an immersion circulator, you probably use it to cook all sorts of tasty treats sous vide , but that baby can cool as well as it can cook. Just set your circulator as low as it will go-my Anova goes down to 32℉-and, once the bath is nice and cold, set the bottle of whatever you intend to drink down in the bath for 10 minutes or so. Remove it, dry the bottle off, and serve.

A different use for your sous vide circulator. Chilled in about 8 minutes. | Reddit via Anova

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