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Be a Networking "Matchmaker" to Build Your Contacts

Be a Networking "Matchmaker" to Build Your Contacts

Eric Ravenscraft, Gawker Media

Be a Networking

When it comes to networking, you can never have too many friends . Everyone else is in the same boat, though. Make that work for you by being a matchmaker among your contacts.

By bringing together different people in your social circle who have common interests, you can quickly gain a reputation as the person who always "knows a guy." You're helping out the community and that benefit can come back around. As life tips blog Dumb Little Man points out, this can have a benefit in both your professional and personal lives:

If you're heading to the movies with a friend, invite another film-loving pal to come along. Love sports? Assemble a group to attend the big game. Spearhead gatherings at your home or a fun venue such as a wine bar, inviting at least a few people who are new to the group. Keeping your social network interconnected has a circular effect where you're perceived as having many friends, thereby gaining you even more.

In general, networking is about more than just building a giant list of names and phone numbers. It's about being involved with other people, getting to know them, and even being a bit of a mastermind .

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