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Build This Flowchart to Overcome ProcrastinationProductivity

Build This Flowchart to Overcome Procrastination

Mihir Patkar , Gawker Media

Psychologist Dr. Patrick Keelan has a series of questions to ask yourself when you feel stuck with your work. These four questions can act as a flowchart to help you beat procrastination and be productive again.

For this exercise, it doesn't matter what type of procrastinator you are . The four boxes of the flowchart are:

  1. Have I made an action plan?
  2. Are the actions in my action plan small enough?
  3. Have I used the five-minute rule when my motivation to take action is low?
  4. Have I addressed any rules driving my procrastination behavior?

In general, if your answer to any of the boxes is no, you head back to a previous one to flesh things out, but you can read more at the link below.

We've actually talked about these concepts before, like how the five-minute rule to start doing any work for five minutes breaks the procrastination rut. And breaking down tasks to a "for dummies" level is an old trick too. But these productivity techniques truly shine when used together with Dr. Keelan's approach of combining them into a if-then flowchart.

Overcoming procrastination: A flowchart approach | Dr. Patrick Keelan

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