Employ the "Rule Of 3" for Daily, Weekly and Annual Productivity

Mihir Patkar , Gawker Media

Employ the

Planning your goals is one step of being productive, but it's just as important to review those goals, set sub-tasks and provide context with larger objectives. Be Limitless shares a productivity trick to do all this: The Rule Of 3.

The idea is to identify three outcomes you want to achieve for the year, then three for the week, and another three for the day. The blog post explains how to put it into action by using the weekly plan as an example (illustrated above), and it might be a good idea to use this as your anchor for the whole Rule Of 3 plan.

Every Monday, do a quick check on what all things to be achieved in the week and condense it to 3 top things. This could be about launching the product, running 30km during the week and finish the detailed research report. Always keep the most important 3 things in your schedule and do the rest in the gap times or later in a day.

Every week start with the 3 top level outcome visions and end with the 3 learnings for that week.

Check out the full blog post to learn more about the daily and annual outcomes.

The Rule Of 3 | Be Limitless

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