Hide Read Receipts in WhatsApp to Keep Your Messaging Habits Private

Thorin Klosowski , Gawker Media

Hide Read Receipts in WhatsApp to Keep Your Messaging Habits Private

Like a lot of text messaging clients, WhatsApp shows when a recipient views a text. That's a little intrusive (not to mention annoying), but if you want to disable it, Wired shows how to do it.

On iOS, things are as simple as heading into the app and tapping, Settings > Chat Settings > Advanced and toggling the "Last Seen Timestamp" to off. On Android, things are bit annoying:

On Android, things are a bit more complicated. One way to trick the app is to switch off your phone's Wi-Fi and cellular connection (or just putting it in Airplane mode). Next, open WhatsApp to read, compose, and send messages, and then close the app and turn on your phone's connectivity again. WhatsApp will sync with its servers, sending your messages, sans time stamps.

If that's too convoluted, you can also just use a third party app plugin like Last Not Seen to hide that timestamp so people don't know when you're reading their messages.

Keep People From Knowing When You Read Their WhatsApp Messages | Wired

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