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Quickly Unlock Your iPad Using Just an External KeyboardShortcuts

Quickly Unlock Your iPad Using Just an External Keyboard

Thorin Klosowski , Gawker Media

Quickly Unlock Your iPad Using Just an External Keyboard

The iPad is a great little device for writing on the go if you have a Bluetooth keyboard, but if you walk away and the screen locks you're forced to touch the screen to get back to work. Finer Things in Tech points out that if you have a Bluetooth keyboard attached, you don't actually have to touch that unlock screen at all.

Provided you have a passcode set for your iPad, all you need to do is type in the code on the keyboard and your screen will turn on and unlock. No need to swipe to the right, turn the screen on, or anything else. It's a simple little trick, but if you write on your iPad you know how helpful this is.

A trick for unlocking your iPad faster with an external Bluetooth keyboard | Finer Things in Tech

Photo by Bfishadow .

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