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"Sucking Is the First Step to Being Sorta Good at Something"quotables

"Sucking Is the First Step to Being Sorta Good at Something"

Thorin Klosowski , Gawker Media

Getting good at anything takes a long time and it's usually a pretty arduous process. Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian reminds us that no matter who you are and how much experience you have, you're going to suck at first.

Speaking at a 99u conference, Ohanian's thesis here is pretty simple: after launching Reddit, Hipmunk, and Breadpig, he still doesn't really know what he's doing. That's the case for most of us, and no matter what we're making, we're going to suck at first.

Alexis Ohanian: Sucking is the First Step to Being Sorta Good at Something | 99u

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