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Use the "Triple Nod" for More Engaging Small TalkCommunication

Use the "Triple Nod" for More Engaging Small Talk

Mihir Patkar , Gawker Media

It's not easy for everyone to turn small talk into conversation , but the triple nod by body language expert Vanessa Van Edwards is a neat trick to come across as engaging while encouraging the other person to talk more.

The triple nod is the non-verbal equivalent of the ellipses. It is a nonverbal cue for someone to keep talking. If you are introverted and aren't great at making conversations, you want to encourage the person you are speaking with to keep talking. Once they are done speaking and pause, nod three times in quick succession and they will often continue. If not, you can pick up where the conversation left off, but this is a great way of showing engagement and lengthening a discussion.

The video above shows the triple nod in action, and also includes one more tip from Van Edwards: the elbow touch. Watch the video or read the article for more body language tips.

How Introverts Can Use Body Language To Feel More Confident | The Huffington Post

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