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How to Find the Right Moving Companyhousehold

How to Find the Right Moving Company

Heather Yamada Hosley , Gawker Media
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Even if you're super organized, moving is stressful. Hiring a moving company makes it a little easier, but finding reliable movers is a whole job itself. Otherwise, you're in for added headaches, broken furniture, maybe even paying more than you expected. Here's what to look for to make sure you pick the right company to help you move.

First of all, start evaluating moving companies about a month in advance of your move date so that you have time to compare your options. When it comes to vetting a company, don't just rely on recommendations from friends and family, look up companies on Yelp or the Better Business Bureau . The New York Times points out that you can even look for company reviews on the Department of Transportation site.

You should also get quotes from multiple companies, which should include details on the services they're offering (Are they bringing a truck? Padding? Dollies?) in addition to how much it'll cost you. Apps, like Moving 101 , make comparing your options side-by-side easier. Whatever company you pick, get a written account of the price they promised you and any fine print so that you're armed to push back if they try to charge you more after they've already started moving your stuff, or if they try to keep your stuff as collateral. 

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