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Follow the Kevin Systrom Rule to Combat Procrastination
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Follow the Kevin Systrom Rule to Combat Procrastination

Everyone in this world is working day and night to achieve something. But only the ones who work hard and smart are able to get to the stage.

The one parameter between the successful ones and struggling ones is "Procrastination."

It's a PROBLEM with a SOLUTION. You don't need to worry or take classes to overcome. Only need to understand your HURDLES. I know most of us always delay things or make excuses for ourselves, but that's not the way how WIN. You have to break habits and acquire new and good ones.

The Problem In A Sentence

Postponing things because you're not at all interested or waiting for the right moment.

To get out of your tunnel vision, think out of the box and come with great ideas. For this, you need to change yourself including routines, your way of living and much more. Be patient and keep in mind "The best time to start was a year ago and the second best time is now.

Identification Process

Don't worry, now get to work and find your problems one by one.

  • I will write 1000 words a day to improve my writing, but I can start it from tomorrow or coming Monday.
  • Your boss gives you 12 days to do some paperwork and you are waiting for 10th or 11th night to do it.
  • You are lazy enough and mark things as "It's not important."
  • Let's take rest for about 1 hour and later on I will continue.
  • If I will not do it, it will not make any difference.
  • There can be a bunch of different situations but for identification, these are enough.
How to know yourself?

  • Go to your room.
  • Take a notebook and pen.
  • Try to recollect your last week or days as long as you can do.
  • Relate your tasks with the above-mentioned situations.
  • If you find something similar, it's done.
  • Note down, how many times you stopped yourself from achieving your goals.
Collect yourself and do something about it. It's not how you should live.

The Cure

The solution is simple and steady, you need to make priorities and start working on your goals. The reward system is the best to get started.

The Kevin Systrom Rule: "If you don't want to do something, make a deal with yourself to do at least five minutes of it. After five minutes, you'll end up doing the whole thing," he said in an interview.

Reward: Every time you do something you are avoiding, reward yourself for it. This way you will keep going along with your tasks.
Small Things First: To get in the flow, start with small tasks, this way you will be interested in your work as you will feel like you've completed one task.
Know Your Value: Know your qualifications and everything you do. Then ask someone or search and know, What is your worth? This way you will know your importance.
To-Do List: Every morning when you get out of your bed, take one note and write down your goals for the day. Aim that you've to complete all the mentioned goals today. In starting if you're not able to achieve all, don't worry, later on, you will be able to do.
Peer Pressure: Tell someone to check you regularly whether you're working or not.
Focus: Don't mess up all your goals for the day, focus on one thing first and get it done.
Feel Finishing: Before starting, take 5 to 10 minutes to think about the project completion, it will make you happy and focused.

Put The Word

How can you remind yourself?
Look at the word "Procrastination" each time you delay and the straightforward way to avoid is to paste the word everywhere you go to including bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

You are only 3 steps away from achieving your goals:

Step one: Know Your Goals — Write down what are your short, medium and long-term goals to know them better. Elaborate and revise at intervals such as at end of your day.
Step two: Do, Do, Do — Tell yourself, the outcome or end result this way you will work harder and won't feel boring.
Step three: Start Right Now — Take out yourself from the tunnel vision and go for step one today.

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The Big Example
Industry leaders have every minute scheduled to achieve daily goals.
Think in your mind, "What if Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk starts making excuses?
See Facebook dying, or being not able to connect with your friends and no HYPERLOOP at all, so How The World Will change? That's the BIG question.
Get out of your bed and you are half way to the solution.

Are you also susceptible to procrastination? Share your thoughts in the comments below and if you have something to add, then don't hesitate to reach out.

( About the author : The article is contributed by Harshit Sharma, a budding writer)

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