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Add Search Shortcuts to Your Smartphone for Quicker ResearchAndroid

Add Search Shortcuts to Your Smartphone for Quicker Research

Thorin Klosowski , Gawker Media

Add Search Shortcuts to Your Smartphone for Quicker Research

If you're going to search a site like YouTube or Twitter from your phone, you usually need to launch an app and then hit the search box, or launch your browser and search from there. That's a lot of taps of your finger, but Digital Inspiration shows off how you can make your own custom shortcuts that lead directly to site-specific search engines.

Digital Inspiration uses a tiny bit of Javascript to lead directly to a site's search engine. Once you navigate to the page with Digital Inspiration's code, you create the shortcut and you'll have a place to instantly search from. Digital Inspiration's already made shortcuts for popular sites like Twitter, Wolfram Alpha, Amazon, and Wikipedia, but you can also make your own. Follow the link below for the full list and guide.

Add Search Shortcuts on your Android and iOS Device | Digital Inspiration

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