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Get 5 Minute Increments in iOS 7's Calendar With a Double-TapiPhone

Get 5 Minute Increments in iOS 7's Calendar With a Double-Tap

Mihir Patkar , Gawker Media

When you are setting an event in your calendar, chances are that you don't need it for an odd, specific time and the nearest rounded-off number will do. But the calendar app in iOS 7 gives you only single-digit intervals by default in the 'minutes' column. Well, you can change that to the old 5-minute intervals of iOS 6 with a double-tap.

In the Calendar app, when you are setting the time for an event, double-tap the minutes column. This works for both the Start and End times. The double-tap will change the intervals to 5-minute lengths, and you can double-tap again to change it back to 1-minute intervals.

Just like this one, there are a few other annoyances you can fix in iOS 7 .

How to Increase Time Increments from 1 to 5 Minutes in the iOS 7 Calendar App | WonderHowTo

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