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Organize and Prioritize Your Desktop With These Dice IconsDownloads

Organize and Prioritize Your Desktop With These Dice Icons

Adam Dachis , Gawker Media

Organize and Prioritize Your Desktop With These Dice Icons

A cluttered desktop can be a tough task to clear off, but it helps if you prioritize the contents. These dice-inspired icons can help you do just that, by giving you six priority-ranked folders to work with.

Low priority items start at "1" on the die and go up to "6." Each number gets a warmer color as it becomes larger, helping you visually identify what you're looking for more easily. You can just name the folders by their number or use a naming scheme like this:

  1. Eventually
  2. Tomorrow
  3. Today
  4. Soon
  5. Now
  6. Late!

Using these folders will help you develop a habit of sorting your stuff more regularly because they force you to organize frequently and naturally. Try it for a week. You'll get used to it and have no trouble keeping your desktop tidy.


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