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Upload Your Music Library and Stream on Any Platform with Style Jukebox

Upload Your Music Library and Stream on Any Platform with Style Jukebox

Windows/Web/Android/iOS/Windows Phone: If you've got a carefully curated collection of music that you can't tear yourself away from, and still want access to it without filling up your mobile device memory, check out Style Jukebox. It's a new cloud storage service specifically for music, which allows you to upload tracks from your Windows PC into a cloud account, and then access them from any of your iOS/Android/Windows Phone devices or even via a web browser.

Here's how it works:
-Download and install the Style Jukebox desktop app on your Windows computer. If you're not on a Windows PC or the app doesn't work for you, go to the web app .
-Create an account and load up your music in the app's library -- Style Jukebox will then begin uploading tracks to your cloud account.
-Download the app for your iOS/Windows Phone/Android device and login.
-Rock out to your tunes.

Style Jukebox works like Google Play Music, but works across platforms and around the world. The service is free at present and starts you off with room for 250 songs, and you can unlock space for up to 2,000 songs by connecting your social network accounts and inviting friends to the service. You can also download tracks to your mobile device to play offline, and create a playlist on the fly too -- just tap on a track's cover to add it to your queue.

The desktop app is lacking in several respects -- most notably the ability to manage which tracks are uploaded -- but is worth having around because it also functions as a decent iTunes-style audio player.

Similarly, the Android app lets users down with its less-than-usable interface, but then again, plays all your uploaded tracks as well as music from your device memory. Still, this is a great service for users who don't want to carry around their extensive music collections on memory cards.

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