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Create Your Website In 30 Minutes With GoDaddy's New Website Builder
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Create Your Website In 30 Minutes With GoDaddy's New Website Builder

GoDaddy, the popular domain and hosting service, recently launched a new website builder. GoDaddy claims that the Website Builder is designed to get a website built and running from any device in few minutes. The Website Builder comes with many tools that will help to drive real results for sites with few taps.

To build your website, go to the website builder at here . To star building a website, you don't need to pay up front or give credit card details, unlike other similar services. Here is how to build a website under 30 minutes with GoDaddy's Website Builder:

Step 1:

Once you have signed up for free, you will see a page where you can add the topic of your site and its name. You can choose hundreds of options from a gym, real estate, bakery, travel, etc., and the site will be tailored according to the topic you selected with professional pictures.

Step 2:

Next step will take you to the website builder from where you can choose and customize elements such as layout, theme, font and different pages such as the 'about' and 'contact.'

To add new pages, all it takes is a click, and you can add contents ranging from text, calendar, files, galleries to videos, to the pages you created.

Step 3:

Once you are done with adding content, you can always preview the site real time by hitting the preview button. It will show you both mobile and desktop preview of the website.

If you are happy with the website you build, then click the publish button, which will give you an option to either use a new free domain from GoDaddy or to use one of your existing domains.

That's it; you just created a website under 30 minutes. The Website Builder comes with built-in SEO tools, integrated email marketing, and the option to launch a Facebook page - all to help people find and connect with their audiences, so you don't have to worry about anything else but the content.

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