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Google Refreshes the Play Store, Making It Easier to Manage Appsapps

Google Refreshes the Play Store, Making It Easier to Manage Apps

Thorin Klosowski , Gawker Media

Google is rolling out a small but significant update to the Play Store, adding in a refreshed My Apps screen that makes it much easier to manage everything you have installed.


With the new layout, you get an Updates tab where you can see what updates are available, an Installed tab that lists everything on your device, a Library tab that shows everything you've ever downloaded, and a Beta tab. That Updates tab also now adds in an Update All button so you don't have to individually tap every single app in order to install an update, or, if you prefer, you can just tap the Update button on each individual app.

The Installed page also now allows you to sort apps in a few different ways, including alphabetically, by the last time it was updated, by the last time you used it, or by size. Size is obviously helpful when you need to clear up space, but "last used " is really helpful for finding and deleting any ancient apps buried away that you might have forgotten about. You should see the update by now, but if not it should show up shortly.


The new Play Store "My Apps" screen layout is rolling out more widely | Android Police

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