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iPhone 7 for Rs. 36,000 and MacBook Air for Rs. 51,000, Amazon Great Indian Sale is Back

iPhone 7 for Rs. 36,000 and MacBook Air for Rs. 51,000, Amazon Great Indian Sale is Back

Amazon Great Indian Sale is here from May 11 to 14. Most times these sales turn out to be nothing more than a gimmick as our own analysis of previous Great Indian Sale points out . But this time Amazon seems to be really going at it with many mouthwatering offers on smartphones, laptops and other gadgets. And if you are an Amazon Prime member, then things gets better for you with exclusive deals. Here are our top picks from Amazon Great India Sale:

iPhone 7 for Rs. 36,000

Apple's iPhone 7 doesn't have a revolutionary design or groundbreaking features. But it is the latest and greatest iPhone Apple have ever made. As of now, the 32 GB iPhone 7's price is slashed to Rs. 43,999 from its MRP of Rs. 60,000. Additionally, you can get a further discount of Rs.7,601 by exchanging your old phone, bringing down the total price to Rs.36,398.

Macbook Air for Rs. 51,999

Despite launching the new single-port Macbooks and Macbook Pro with the touch pad, Macbook Air still remains the most popular Macbook till date. In Amazon Great Indian Sale, you can get the Macbook Air a discounted price of Rs.51,999. However, this offer is limited to Prime members.

Moto G4 for Rs. 9,999

Moto G4 is one of the best budget smartphones available despite being a year old. Many of the Moto G fans still have a preference for the polycarbonate and utilitarian Moto G4 over the aluminum unibody of Moto G5. If you are someone falling in that category, then this is a very good deal as Amazon offers a 20% off on the MRP. Additionally, there is an option to get another Rs. 7,612 off with exchange. However, if you can fork out another Rs. 1,000 you can get the new Moto G5 itself.

Deals on Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon's Kindle is the best ebook reader out in the market, period. Some may find the price of these devices little bit high compared to how cheap smartphones and tablets had become in recent years. In the Great Indian Sale, the new Kindle is available for Rs.5,000 with a 17% price drop and the Paperwhite is available for Rs. 8,999 with an 18% discount.

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