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Mumbai Based App 'Radius' to Help Nursing Allocation ProcessNews

Mumbai Based App 'Radius' to Help Nursing Allocation Process

In a bid to foray into a new era of tech-powered healthcare, Intelenet Global Services -- a Mumbai-based business process service provider -- on Thursday launched a mobile app called Radius that can help transform the nursing allocation process.

With Radius, nurses can now chase the customers, comprehensive reporting and dash boarding solutions -- all at the click of a button.

Radius may help healthcare companies to increase in-house staff utilisation by up to 20 per cent and reduce staff scheduling by up to 70 per cent.

It allows nurses to have the flexibility to work part-time yet earn the same or even more.

"After conducting extensive research into the workforce dynamics within the nursing community, we understood the intrinsic pain points of our customers and their employees. We subsequently devised a robust strategy to alleviate the pain points faced by the industry, through our software platform Radius," Bhupender Singh, CEO Intelenet Global Services, was quoted as saying in a statement.

The healthcare industry grapples with a considerable shortage of nurses to cater to a high demand market, such as increase in ageing population.

India has 61 nurses or midwives per one lakh of the country's population, according to a World Health organisation (WHO) study, that was published in June 2016.

As a result, companies are shifting from a labour-intensive, technology-enabled model to a digital-centric and human-enabled one to revolutionise traditional healthcare business models and to improve delivery of services to patients.

Radius also allows the flexibility to provide continued care to patients from their choice of nurses.

"While the primary goal is aimed at seamlessly delivery of services, it also looks to increase work efficiency with the help of real-time feeds through intelligent data capture from the mobile workforce," Singh said.

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