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The Best of The Upgrade 2017 
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The Best of The Upgrade 2017 

Alice Bradley, Gawker Media

It was quite a year for Lifehacker's podcast, The Upgrade. In this episode, we talk about (and listen to) our favorite moments from the past year's episodes. In 2017, we learned how to turn our awkwardness into a social asset; how to be brilliant (while being bored); how to find real love; how to get smart about microdosing... and more. So much more. Oh, but we had fun.

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Discussed in This Episode:


Our Upgrades of the Week

Every week we like to let you in on the upgrades we've made in our own lives. This week we talked about our favorite (and least favorite) upgrades from the year. Find out what worked for us and what most definitely did not .

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