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Use Location-Based Reminders to Break Bad Habits

Use Location-Based Reminders to Break Bad Habits

Nick Douglas, Gawker Media

You (a fool): "Reminders are for good things." Me (wise): "Reminders are for bad things."

Use location-based reminders on your phone to remind yourself not to fall for your bad habits. As you stumble away from your favorite bar, get a reminder to go back and close out your tab. Or as you stumble toward it in the first place, get a reminder that you're trying to drink less. Set anti-reminders at an ex's place, a pricey restaurant, or the store you shop at too often.


This tip comes from Super Sentai Brothers podcast co-host Dave J, whose phone reminds him, during every walk home,  not to stop by the cupcake bakery and ruin his diet.

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