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You Don't Have to Sit Through the House of Cards Intro Ever Againnews

You Don't Have to Sit Through the House of Cards Intro Ever Again

Patrick Allan , Gawker Media

If you feel like long title sequences are getting in the way of your epic binge-watching nights, Netflix is trying to help you out. Now you can skip the intro of some of the service's more popular TV shows.

The feature is currently only available on the Netflix web platform, but it's appearance could mean Netflix if planning to bring it to their apps down the line. It's available for most of the Netflix originals, including House of Cards and the recently- launched Iron Fist, but The Verge notes that it's also been spotted on third-party shows like Mad Men. The new "Skip Intro" feature is even available for some shows with cold opens, or story teaser shown before a title sequence, like The Office.

Personally, I like the title sequences of most shows, as they set the mood. I also really enjoy TV show theme songs 90% of the time. But I've definitely been annoyed with them in the past when watching shows with extremely long intros that feel tedious. Will be you be skipping intros?

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