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This Week's Featured Bag Is Going Social (Also, It's Mine)
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This Week's Featured Bag Is Going Social (Also, It's Mine)

Patrick Lucas Austin, Gawker Media

Image credit: Patrick Lucas Austin

If you've enjoyed Lifehacker's featured bag posts , you'll be seeing a little more variety in the future. You'll continue to see great backpacks, bags, and briefcases filled with the gadgets, cameras, notebooks, and other cultural ephemera that help define us every day. Instead of pulling them from just Flickr (because, let's be honest, we know that's not gonna end well), we'll be sharing your featured bag photos from social media as well.

Just post your featured bag shot on Instagram or Twitter using #LHfeaturedBag and we'll check it out.


Today's photo belongs to yours truly, so enjoy a peek into the contents of my messenger bag of holding. It keeps me looking classy no matter the number of pickle backs I enjoy, and forces me to pack (relatively) light.

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