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Use the Buddy Effect to Achieve Any Goal

Use the Buddy Effect to Achieve Any Goal

The best way to achieve any goal is to have a goal buddy. He or she will keep you accountable, thereby helping you reach not only your workout goals but other life goals as well. Having someone with similar goals means having someone to motivate you when you are low on confidence.

He or she will probably call or message you just when you feel like giving up. Having a buddy makes you obliged to him or her. You will be there to support and motivate each other at all times.

Two-is-better-than-one proposition
According to recent study, people are more likely to stick to a routine if they have partnership. A call from a buddy will help you get moving. Most people make the mistake of going it alone, reason being it is not easy to stay consistent when you are by yourself. But a goal buddy won't let you quit. You can commit to each other to reach consistent goals. This is just like how birds prefer to fly in a flock. They do so as they know the destination is little ahead and thus stay united to protect themselves from predators.

Similarly when you are on your path to success, you need encouraging individuals to move forward and win over obstacles. As you embark on your goals, there are bound to be many obstacles deterring you from moving forward.

Accountability, motivation and consistency
When you have a goal buddy, you have accountability, motivation and consistency. You might not bother about yourself and give up but you would never disappoint somebody who cares. A goal buddy will ensure you are on track on a regular basis.

How to find a goal buddy?
  1. A goal buddy should have similar goals and should not be just a friend from the club.
  2. He or she shouldn't be too lazy or ambitionless person.
  3. He or she should be upbeat enough to encourage you when you feel discouraged.
  4. He or she should have positivity energy. You don't need anyone adding to your stress by spreading negative energy.
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