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Use Velcro to Turn Your Laptop Into a Dock for Hard Drive, Power Brick & More

Use Velcro to Turn Your Laptop Into a Dock for Hard Drive, Power Brick & More

Let's get one thing clear: This hack puts functionality firmly above form. Your laptop isn't going to look as pretty after this, but boy, will you be able to move around so much more comfortably with it.

When using your notebook, you often connect it to a portable hard drive, the power adapter, a USB hub, and various other peripherals. And when you have to move even slightly, you have to gather all those peripherals and their cable-clutter. Plus, if you're working on a small table, not only do they take up a lot of room, but it also leads to a messy, cluttered workspace.

Redditor elgeo12345 suggested an ingenious solution to this problem: use Velcro or any hook-and-loop fastener on the back of your laptop's screen, and stick the devices to it. A little digging around pointed us to an old Instructable by user thread_soul that suggests the same.

Essentially, you'll need:
1) Adhesive-backed Velcro or other hook-and-loop fastener. You get this in two types: individual coin-sized pieces or long rolls. The coins are cheaper, costing about Rs. 150 for a pack of 15 pairs of 1.5 cm coins of a generic brand. We couldn't find adhesive-backed rolls of generic brands; a 15 foot Velcro Sticky Back roll of 2 cm width costs around Rs. 2,900. Unless you have several other uses for the roll, this is a bit expensive.
2) Rubbing alcohol .
3) Paper towels or a rag .
4) Scissors , if you're using the Velcro Sticky Back roll.

What To Do:

1) First, clean the back of your laptop screen. Dust is adhesive's worst enemy. Use rubbing alcohol on paper towels or a rag and really get it spotless. Then, do the same on the device you are planning to stick on your laptop.
2) Stick the Velcro onto the back of the laptop. Keep a little distance between two lines or coins. This is up to your own judgement. With the coins, we would suggest putting them at a coin's distance between two.
3) Stick the other part of the Velcro on your gadget. Again, use your judgement in figuring out how much Velcro is needed for each gadget, depending on the weight -- the heavier the gadget, the more Velcro it needs.
4) You're done! With a roll, the smart way to stick a gadget onto your laptop's back is across the lines, rather than aligned together. With coins, they will need to align perfectly.

The trick works with USB hubs and hard drives, and should actually work with anything else you want to stick there either. The idea of putting your power brick there is especially tempting. Just make sure it's nothing too heavy because your laptop's screen unit might not be able to handle a lot of weight.

Check out the full Instructable below for the step-by-step process with loads of tips and tricks, as well as instructions on how to remove the Velcro.

Better Computing Through Velcro: Make Your Laptop A Dock For External HDDs | Instructables via Reddit

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