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Use Your Less Dominant Hand For Mundane Tasks and Control Your Anger in Two Weeks

Use Your Less Dominant Hand For Mundane Tasks and Control Your Anger in Two Weeks

Anger can wreak havoc on your body. And, if you are someone who has tried taking deep breath or counting one to ten every time you feel angry and ineptly failed to control it, here is an interesting and simple hack that may help you. Use your less dominant hand to control your temper. For example, if you are a right-hander, opening door, dialing a phone, frying a veggie or even stirring your tea using left hand, can stop you from reacting on an impulse. Just two weeks of such exercises can reduce the tendency to get angry to a great extent.

Studies show that people who have anger, to an extent where they punch or bang their head on the wall, using their less dominant hand for simple manageable tasks can help them control it slowly. Dr Thomas Denson of the University of New South Wales, in an experiment on anger and self-control, said that practising self-control is no different from getting better at golf or playing the piano.

In his study, he demonstrated that people who try to use their non-dominant hand for two weeks have a better control over their aggression. "So if they are right handed, they are told to use their left hand 'for pretty much anything that is safe to do,' he said. Dr Denson, whose findings are published in the journal 'Current Directions in Psychological Science', said it is only self-control that keeps us reacting aggressively. He said: 'Using the mouse, stirring your coffee, opening doors. This requires people to practice self-control because their habitual tendency is to use their dominant hands.'

Anger is one universal emotion that can be extremely difficult to control. Every day you will invariably find various irritants that can make you instantly furious. However, anger is not an easy emotion to deal with either. In fact, a recent research has found that anger is an independent risk factor for heart disease.

A study followed 12,986 adults with high anger trait for three years and found a two times increased risk of coronary events in people with normal blood pressure. Anger also weakens your immune system. Have you observed how people who get furious often fall sick often? Harvard University scientists found that in healthy people, simply recalling an angry experience from their past caused a six-hour dip in levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A, the cells' first line of defense against infection. So, try this trick for yourself, if not for others. So, make this hack your habit. It also helps in better whole-brained thinking.

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