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Why Sitting Idle is Good For You

Why Sitting Idle is Good For You

When was the last time you felt bored? We are sure it was not so long ago. Even kids and retired persons do not feel bored anymore, thanks to smartphones that have changed your lives like never before. Whether you are standing in queues or waiting to board the flight, you are always engaged. However, little boredom is actually good for everyone. To be creative, you need to be bored. When you are bored, you also come up with meaningful ideas and tasks to perform.

Dr Sandi Mann from the University of Central Lancashire, who is an expert in studying the suppression of emotions, including boredom, found in one of her experiments that participants who had been asked to complete a boring writing task were more creative afterwards than a control group who had done more interesting work. Dr Mann believes it is important for children to be bored. "Unlike so many parents today, I am quite happy when my kids whine that they are bored. Finding ways to amuse themselves is an important skill," she said in her concluding statement.

How boredom helps:

  • It forces you to meet your friends more often
  • It makes you recall good memories
  • It leads to out-of-the-box thinking, thereby making you more creative
  • It helps you enjoy the small joys of life more
  • It gives you time to analyse your path to success
  • It makes you come up with meaningful tasks to do
Wijnand van Tilburg, from the University of Limerick, co-author of a paper on Boredom and Prosocial Behaviour, presented at the British Psychological Society 2011 Annual Conference also mentioned in the same that "Bored people feel that their actions are meaningless and so they are motivated to engage in meaningful behaviour. Past research has associated boredom almost exclusively with aversive correlates, yet closer inspection suggests a much richer array of potential consequences that may well go beyond merely negative outcomes, such as prosocial behaviour."

Also, with the hustle bustle of your everyday lives, most of you have long forgotten many joys that come cheap. For instance, how many of you still go for that one cup of kulhad (earthenware) tea made by a street side vendor or for a late winter night drive looking for an ice cream? Forgetting social media and staying bored can remind you of such small pleasures of life.

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