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Be Funny at Work, It's Good For You

Be Funny at Work, It's Good For You

Joshua Rivera, Gawker Media

A good sense of humor isn't just a way to make your workday more pleasurable, it can also help you perform better (and get ahead).

Forbes notes that a playful atmosphere can be incredibly conducive for ideation in creative fields: it helps turn off that part of your brain that monitors your own behavior and feel self-conscious.

And even if you don't work in a field that's considered ""creative,"" humor could go a long way towards furthering your own personal success:

A Robert Half International survey, for instance, found that 91% of executives believe a sense of humor is important for career advancement; while 84% feel that people with a good sense of humor do a better job. Another study by Bell Leadership Institute found that the two most desirable traits in leaders were a strong work ethic and a good sense of humor.

Of course, being the office clown is easy to take too far, and work isn't the place for comedy that pushes boundaries . If you're not funny, that's fine too-but if you've got it, use it . Hit the link for a full list of ways work and funny can mix together well.

10 Reasons Why Humor Is A Key To Success At Work | Forbes via Fast Company

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