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Chew Coffee Stirrers While Working to Snack Less, Focus MoreProductivity

Chew Coffee Stirrers While Working to Snack Less, Focus More

The bane of a desk job is that you somehow end up wanting to snack on junk food all the time, which not only distracts you, but is also bad for your health. Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project suggests a new trick she's picked up that's helping her snack lesser and concentrate better: chewing on coffee stirrers.

"This sounds silly, but it really works. I picked up this habit from my husband, who loves to chew on things. I keep these stirrers in my office and backpack, and whenever I sit down at my computer, I pop one between my teeth," Rubin writes.
Having the stirrer in her mouth diminished her urge to eat/smoke/drink while working, and improved her focus. She says the latter could be a placebo effect, but research has shown that chewing gum can boost mental performance, so it may be a similar effect.
Coffee stirrers are available at any coffee shop, so just pick up a few extra ones the next time you go to one.

Want to Snack Less and Concentrate Better? Try This | The Happiness Project

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