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How Future-Proof Is Your Job?Work

How Future-Proof Is Your Job?

Eric Ravenscraft , Gawker Media

How Future-Proof Is Your Job?

When planning your career, it can be nearly impossible to know if your job will be safe in fifty years. It's still worth asking, though: just how future-proof is the work you do?

Technology has caused a dramatic shift in how work is accomplished. Assembly lines utilize more and more robots, self-checkout systems allow one cashier to manage multiple registers, and in the next few decades, self-driving cars could potentially threaten everything from valets to taxis. As productivity blog points out, increasingly in the modern world, your value as an employee is dependent on what you can bring to the table that other people can't:

If this value is seen as unique, you will always have a source of income providing that you keep it that way. If you can be replaced by a machine or somebody less expensive, then you're in for a tough time.

What about you? Is your line of work threatened by advancements in technology? Do you have an exit strategy or alternative plan if your field of work starts to feel the crunch of encroaching innovation and outsourcing? Or do you prefer not to worry and let what's going to happen just happen?

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