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Make a Cheat Sheet to Ace a Video Calling Job Interview on Skype

Make a Cheat Sheet to Ace a Video Calling Job Interview on Skype

With work-from-home and virtual workspaces gaining more acceptance, there are lots of instances where you will be conducting your job interview over a video call on services like Skype or Google Hangouts. It might seem a bit strange at first, but you can actually use the setting to your advantage.

The Interview Guys suggest you use the inherent nature of the virtual interview to your advantage by creating a cheat sheet of questions and answers that you are likely to be asked. Keep the cheat sheet off the screen, but propped up in a way that you look natural while reading it. Unlike a traditional interview, your recruiter doesn't know what you're looking at, so use it to your advantage.

They also share a few other handy tips to ace a Skype interview:

-Test your internet connection and computer hardware before starting. There's nothing more annoying than a frozen screen in the middle of a video call. Remember, the recruiter has other options so they'll run out of patience quickly.

-Make eye contact with the camera, not with the screen. Eye contact and smiling helps on Skype just as with any traditional interview, but make sure you look at the camera. If you stare at the screen, to the interview it's going to seem like your gaze is downwards.

-Pick the right room and set the environment. Bolt the door if you need to, so there isn't going to be someone walking into the room or a pet playing in the background.

Check out more tips in the full video below.

Top 5 Skype Interview Tips That Will Get You In the Door | The Interview Guys

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